“Shikkouki” is a luxurious lacquer coated atomizer (perfume spray bottle) created through the fusion of traditional Echizen lacquer craft techniques dating back 1500 years and modern wood working and metal processing technology.
Lacquer has been important in expressing individual tastes as dinnerware and as part of the home interior.
As lifestyles change and people's needs become more diverse, expressing one's tastes and character though “apparel, dinnerware and the home” becomes more important, and one's “fragrance” is one such significant outlet for personal expression.
“Shikkouki” was developed from the wish to answer these demands of modern life while passing on the wonders of lacquer, an art that fills Japan with pride. “Shikkouki” embodies the fusion of exquisite shape, color, craftsmanship, traditional techniques and warmth.
Our project received official approval from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in December 2007 as a “program that utilizes a regional resource (Echizen lacquer crafting techniques) and develops renewed value and worth”. We are actively implementing this program with an aim to rejuvenate regions with traditional crafts in Japan.
We hope you will enjoy our “Shikkouki”, packed full of our world-class lacquer craftsmanship, for many years to come.
Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd
Executive Managing Director
Taizo Yamamoto
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